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Pre-orders for Doors of Love and Light Auracle card deck.

Pre-orders for Doors of Love and Light Auracle card deck

By Rita Morgin, Artist, Author, LAND Healer


I am Scheduled to publish on April 4th 2020.  

Clear your spaces and your personal energy with these energy healing messages of love and light. Bring the healing energy required to the spaces in need: in your home, your work, yourself and all the spaces of your ancestors…… 

Each card is a door into your greater awareness of joy, peace and calm.

Some doors invite you to clear your environment: the places you live and work, your ancestral lineage, the spaces you travel through in your daily living; Some doors invite you to journey inward to discover your whole being and the message of your heart; Other doors invite you to care for both spaces at the same time.

This is not a Tarot deck or Future telling. This Auracle card deck provides an exploration in awakening to your intuition. “Auracle Cards” instead of “Oracle Cards” because you are invited to hear (auricle) your own intuition, rather than be told (oracle) what you need to know. 

Each of us has intuitional access to all of the information in the universe. The Doors of Love and Light Auracle Card deck supports your journey to clearing, balancing, harmonizing, welcoming and energizing this intuition in support of your wellbeing on your journey to create your most joy-filled life.

These cards are infused with sacred geometry and Healing Crystal energy to support your wellness journey. 

The specials offered:

1. The 60-card deck with booklet in a boxed set  $50 US 

(continental US shipping included) Includes: a five minute personal session to discuss how you desire to use this deck and confirm your delivery address, a group zoom call for learning to use your deck to bring love and light to the land, plus a google doc link with active links to over 30 healing meditation journeys and energy activations for these cards. Please book your free session before purchase.

2. The Deck (all of offer #1) plus two personalized 45 minute land healing sessions for only $300 

(my comprehensive land healing two session package ranges from $500 to $2,500) These sessions may be used in a 45 minute combination of my current services you desire: Land Healing, Moto-Ki, EFT or burnout energy support sessions.

When your space is aligned to you in current time and older energy influences released, your space becomes welcoming and joyful for you. 

For your home

LAND Healing Services with Rita Morgin


If you are experiencing disharmony, feel out of  balance, or something is going on with one or more of your spaces, let’s get together by phone. I save several spots in my calendar each month for complimentary, no obligation sessions. We'll  connect, discuss what’s going on and create an energy healing plan of action to engage the guardians of your land,  heal past trauma and clear old energies so you can experience a return of wellness and joy.

Latest Testimonial:

JoAnne Bassett at JoAnne :

Rita helped me find the perfect home for me.  

I was moving from Arizona to North Carolina where I had never been.  I wanted to try out the east coast and live in the country with trees,  small roads, less people and a laid back lifestyle. I also wanted to be close to the ocean and the mountains for other experiences.  She asked me some questions and I told her the specifics of what I wanted  and how I wanted to feel. There were large trees, land and I went to sit  under the large tree. Then I imagined a circle of rose bushes around me.  The energy had to be peaceful and of high vibration.   

She  cleared all discordant energies and I had a picture in my mind of what  it looked like and how I felt being there. I moved to NC and I live in a  house on acres in the country with deer visitors and many pine and  other trees around. Lots of good energy on a private road. I am very pleased to have found a house on land that is quiet and peaceful with  quartz crystals in the ground. Very happy with the results of her Spiritual land clearings and her help in all aspects. It is the perfect home in the country.  I believe she cleared some patterns of energy in the field so the house came in quickly.  

Rita has done land  clearing for my house in AZ.  When I moved into the house there was an intense angry energy there.  The space felt like people had fought and  the walls held this very unhappy energy.  I believe there also may have been American Indian battles on the land there.  There were indicators  that things were not at ease there. Rita did her Spiritual land  clearing and the energy shifted and it became more uplifted and easier to be there in the house and yard.   


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