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Free Energy Healing Videos

see Video 1 below for 

Low Back Pain Reconnecting Healing Energy Circuit

see Video 2 below for 

LAND Healing for Decimated Properties

see Video 4 below for 

Releasing Cellular Memory

see Video 5 below for 

Clearing Lungs, Healing Grief and Loss

Free Energy Healing Audios

see Audio 3 below for 

Earth Day Land Healing Morning Meditation

see audio 6 below for 

Four Corners Grounding Meditation

see audio 7 below for 

Earth Energy Massage Free Session

see audio 8 below for 2020's 

Brief Creating a New Normal Meditation

see audio 9 below for 2020's complete 

Creating a New Normal LAND Healing

Video 1: I need an energy reconnect!

Today I woke up & my low back is not cooperating with the rest of my  body! Here's a quick energy healing to reboot & reconnect your body parts.  Use these free meditations to help all your parts to communicate with each other. Do you find that your mind is not connected to the rest of your body?  Do you feel like you're spinning out of control?  Do you feel that your knee just won't cooperate with the rest  of your body?  Try my remote earth energy massage under For Your Body. 

video 2: LAND healing for decimated properties


Free meditations for energy healing of traumatized land. Near me a property has been totally decimated; Today the house was knocked down and all of the trees on the lot were chopped down....

When the land is decimated

When all the trees are chopped down 

Or when a fire destroys everything 

those are times when it's a good idea to clear the energy for the land and return the energy of the chopped down trees to the Earth so that the space can Thrive again.

3. Audio Land Healing Meditation

I invite you to use this morning meditation as an opportunity to share energy healing love and light with the lands of your heart. Where are the spaces that you would like to bring healing love and light to today?

Video 4 Releasing cellular memory


Releasing cellular memory 

Do you have certain memories that seem trapped in every cell of your body?

That's the clearing energy healing of this full moon video. 

Here is energy to help you allow the energies trapped in the cells of your body to unwind, release, and let go. 

What are  the memories, traumas, and issues that you are ready to release?

Video 5 Healing lungs; clearing grief and loss

 Here's some free meditations for a Quick energy healing for lung issues and the exhaustion that seems to be coming with the changes in March, 2019. I deleted my  old website in preparation for that moon cycle. 

All of 2019 says,  "Upgrade everything and let the things we've outgrown drop away".  

What emotional triggers is your heart still holding onto? What do you  need to grieve and process? 

May this quick meditation be of service to  you. 

6. Audio: claim sacred space for yourself & allow others Spa

7. audio Fibromyalgia Moto Ki session

In this Earth Energy Massage an unknown source of angelic sound permeates this healing energy track. Bring healing light to your body through  this meditation. Claim sacred space for yourself. Take time for your  wellbeing. Reboot your energy and reconnect w/ your body.

8. Audio brief creating a new normal meditation

This Energy Healing meditation supports your energy in claiming the New  Normal you desire for yourself. Pain is as space of transition; it is not a permanent state. Pain is not a normal chronic condition. This audio's energy helps your body to regain an understanding of what normal can be. 

9. Audio Creating a New Normal Land Healing for 2020

 Creating a New Normal Land Healing for 2020. Clear all the old energy  and claim the dreams you desire your world to create for you. This  healing is bringing forgiveness and closure yourself and the land so  that you can move forward with greater ease in 2020.