Healing Haiku

Energy Healing Haiku


Healing Haiku

One  of the paintings that inspires my work is of the raging ocean after the  storm: the waves are choppy and tumultuous, yet the light shines  through the clouds with the blessing of hope. This is the energy I bring  to the land clearings. I assist bringing the light in after the storm  and often during the storm.

These Healing Haiku are meditations to ponder and absorb for personal healing: 

  • Gold light surrounds me
  • Like warm honey bathing me
  • Joy fills my body.

Rain washes away

All that no longer serves me

I am wholly me.

  • I am free to be
  • Joyously breathing in me
  • Calmly in myself

Rain celebrations

My heart and soul are singing

Dancing with the rain. 

  • Amazing magic
  • Infuses my Days with light
  • Fills my heart with joy

In my calm center

After the raging darkness

A calm joyous peace.

  • Pearls of wisdom
  • Guard the opal gateway to
  • your transformation