August Special

Symbol Session


Would you like a quick connection with your personal heaven on Earth?  

Energizing a symbol session for only $44 US. 

This symbol energizing and aligning is usually only offered with my comprehensive LAND (Light Aligned Nourishes Dreams) Healing) package that starts at $500. 😊

In this 20-minute session, we will create and energize your symbol to energize, amplify, and connect you to your personal heaven on Earth. This helps to shift the energy around your "problems" creating a different possibility.

I have found that I have the unique ability to see and feel the spaces that help you fine tune your personal Heaven on Earth. Once you feel connected to what brings you joy, I can amplify this feeling for you through this symbol session.

This symbol can be used to: 

Remind yourself what brings you joy.

Energize your journey to creating your own Heaven on Earth Here and Now.

Connect you with the north star to light your travels through life.

Add a tool to your kit for discerning what choice serves you best.

Does this sound good for you?

Testimonials for Symbol Session Special:

 Thank you so much Rita! You are a joy. And my new symbol brings me here and now, energizing my field. Elizabeth Darroch

 Thank you for energizing my  symbol 🙏 I am feeling good cleaning up my clutters you are an amazing loving caring healer love you my friend 🙏🌹🧚‍♀️🌹🙏  Mehar Serang