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LAND (Light Aligned Nourishing Dreams) Healing energy mp3s for claiming Balance, joy and harmony for Your Body, Home Sales. Harmonious living and working spaces. 


Energetically Preparing Your Home for Sale MP3 Package

With this 3 Mp3 package you will


  • Clear the energies of former tenants, 
  • Resolve past energies that cling to the space, 
  • Clear your attachment to the space,
  • Energetically stage the property for restful sleep in the bedrooms, welcoming entrance...,
  • Harmonize the energy for all parties involved in the sale to work together in harmony,
  • Energize and balance the property for wellbeing
  • Align your home with the perfect buyer
  • And energize property sale paperwork for quick completion.

This 3 mp3 set includes:

#165 MP3  #1: Preparing a Home for Sale

#171 MP3 #2: Aligning Your Home 

with the Perfect Buyer

#191 MP3 #3: Selling Your Home Package/ Completing the Sale


Earth Energy Healing MP3 Meditations for Your Body


Are  you tired of feeling useless? Do you struggle with day to day living  because of pain or physical limitations? Are you frustrated with feeling  out of balance and fighting against your body?

What would it be like if you had perfect harmony between all elements of  your physical and energetic bodies? What if you felt rested and  energized?

Invite  yourself to experience my customized 35-minute healing MP3s. These  special recordings reconnect your body to the supportive energy of the  Earth so you can gain a sense of replenishment and renewal in your  day-to-day life.

  • Earth  energy is a natural source of Enlightenment for your body. It helps  clear trauma, injury, and social conditioning. Clearing these blockages  helps you maintain a healthy flow of energy.These Earth energy sessions remind your body:
  • How to flow energy once again 
  • How to re-energize itself 
  • How to balance, clear, align and harmonize   energy for optimum health
  • How to communicate and open connections    between all parts of the body 
  • Move with more freedom and openness

With these mp3s you will

  • Reconnect your body to the healing energy and the energizing life force of the Earth 
  • Clear trauma and injury
  • Balance and align your body: left and right sides 
  • Re-establish communication between knee and hip, neck and shoulder, head and heart…
  • Activate your meridians so that energy is flowing
  • Activate your lymph system so that toxins are clearing
  • Help your body create a new normal so that any pain you are experiencing is no longer your body's “normal”.

These MP3s can be listened to aloud as a meditation. or played on silent so you can easily allow the energy to support you.