Here is a list of people I recommend


Spirit Earth Ministries Approved Referrals

Perhaps I am not your cup of tea. Here is a list of people I trust to work on my energy because of their solid integrity. I know I am safe with these people and they will support my journey into reestablishing healthy boundaries. They will not cajole you into purchasing an expensive package; instead they will support your healing journey in finding a purchase right for you. They are honest enough to let you know if they are not able to serve you in this moment. And if they are able to serve you, they will offer truly self-empowering support.

My favorite Massage Therapist

In person or remotely, I use Ruth Renate Davidson 

My First Go-to for Energy Healing

Lynn DeMartini at Badass Light Warriors and Light Warrior Arts

My Favorite Energy Perfumer

My Favorite Astrologer

Benjamin Bernstein

Family Constellations

 I go to Klara Fischerova to heal deep and hidden wounds that may not even be mine. I am currently exploring the Gene Keys through family constellations with Klara

She Activated my LAND Healing Modality in 2014:

Deb Regan, CHHC

Intuitive Space Clearing Specialist

FB: Deb Regan CHHC Intuitive Space Clearing Specialist

Instagram: @oraclewisdDeb Regan, CHHC
Instagram: @oraclewisdomspaces  omspaces