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Join us for LAND Healing and energy meditations

March 9, 2019

Free LAND Healing Facebook live

8:00 am

Spirit Earth Ministries Community Facebook Group

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March 9, 2019

Free LAND Healing Facebook live

Join me for the free 45 minute LAND (Light Alignment Nurturing Dreams) Healing. Connect to your personal heaven on earth by clearing and energizing the land around you with doors of love, light, and care. I have a Facebook live in my private Facebook group every month. Contact me to Join. before March 9th at 8am Pacific time

8:00 am

Spirit Earth Ministries Community Facebook Group

About Earth Energy Massage


Earth Energy Massage Moto-Ki Mp3 Package:

Are you tired of feeling useless? Do you struggle with day to day living because of pain or physical limitations? Are you frustrated with feeling out of balance and fighting against your body?

What would it be like if you had perfect harmony between all elements of your physical and energetic bodies? What if you felt rested and energized?

Invite yourself to experience my customized 35-minute healing MP3s. These special recordings reconnect your body to the supportive energy of the Earth so you can gain a sense of replenishment and renewal in your day-to-day life.

Earth energy is a natural source of Enlightenment for your body. It helps clear trauma, injury, and social conditioning. Clearing these blockages helps you maintain a healthy flow of energy.

These Earth energy sessions remind your body:

  •   How to flow energy once again 
  •   How to re-energize itself 
  •   How to balance, clear, align and harmonize energy for optimum health
  •   How to communicate and open connections between all parts of the body 
  •   Move with more freedom and openness

With these mp3s you will

  • Reconnect your body to the healing energy and the energizing life force of the Earth 
  • Clear trauma and injury
  • Balance and align your body: left and right sides 
  • Re-establish communication between knee and hip, neck and shoulder, head and heart…
  • Activate your meridians so that energy is flowing
  • Activate your lymph system so that toxins are clearing
  • Help your body create a new normal so that any pain you are experiencing is no longer your body's “normal”.

These MP3s can be listened to aloud as a meditation. or played on silent so you can easily allow the energy to support you. 

Available Options: 

A single MP3 $33 US
(for a single issue or just to test out the process)

Five MP3 package $144 US
(for people who need to choose a range of healing focuses unique to their health)

Five MP3 package plus personal phone session $222 US (Best value)


Menu / Price List

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Mp3s For Sale


123 MP3 for Technology Support

This MP3  was created for a friend who had internet failure just as she was preparing for a large meeting. Having tech issues? Use this energy MP3 to support quick resolution to the problems. Play this MP3 before or during important calls for added support in maintaining optimum functioning of your electronics. This is great for Energy Healers like me. I used to break electronics and went through phones every 4 months and watches in 3 weeks.


30 minute session for depression and migraine

124 clearing trauma

full body session focusing on clearing trauma in the low back and hips 

120 MP3 for Adult Birth Trauma

Did you experience a traumatic birth when you were born? Do you feel like you have never been able to recover from that difficult start. This MP3 cares for this energy

121 MP3 for Infant Birth Trauma

This MP3 is only 10 minutes long because a newborn infant requires less energy than adults to clear trauma. Newborns are much more open to changing energy as they have not gotten used to blocking up the energy channels when trauma occurs.

156 Creating a New Normal

This MP3 meditation comes Free with every  purchase to  Help your body create a new normal so that any pain you are experiencing is no longer your body's “normal”. Use it when you reach a point where you are forgetting how to connect to earth energy, when you feel like giving up because life's too hard and when you are in that transition between being in pain and creating health

Mp3s for purchase


Full Body Reboot Earth Energy Massage MP3s

MP3s coming soon for purchase:
157 how to be a super hero
156 Creating a new normal
155 how to create an altar
153 intro to earth energy massage
152 3rd February card
151 2nd February card
150 February community LAND Healing
147 FBR land healing for money problem and ancestors palsy symptoms tremors.
145 FBR inflammation
143 fbr depression
140 grief and Anger
139 eyesight: nearsightedness/ astigmatism/ farsightedness/ lasix surgery complications/leg pain knee and thigh
138 fbr fibromyalgia
137 fbr manic depression
129 fbr depression
123 technology support
124 fbr trauma clearing
120 adult birth trauma
121 infant birth trauma
119 October community LAND Healing
114 thyroid hormone balance
117 fbr
118 fbr
112 fbr
113 kyanite clearin
111 Sept community LAND Healing

104 card
103 growing trust
102 I am complete
101 Four Corners Grounding
100 land healing for sovereignty
99 silent luminous yellow1
98 luminous blue
97 luminous black
95 flowing light
94 nurturing me
93 silent nurturing me
92 claiming sacred space
91 growing trust
90 bonus silent motivation
89 silent sovereignty
88 claiming sovereignty
87 silent I trust the divine to hold my light gently as I heal
86 silent I am light
85 I am light
84 private Mehar
83 private sherry
82 land healing card
81 land healing card
80 land healing card 

Mp3 134 Earth Energy Massage for Hashimoto's

  a 26 Minute mp3 full body reboot Earth Energy massage with specific  attention to Hashimoto's thyroiditis. Epstein-Barr virus and the related  issues it causes. Mononucleosis. Tonsillitis. Breast cancer. viral  nerve damage and issues. tinnitus. This is a cellular level clearing  combining Moto key and my personal land healing modality calling in my  highest self to support the healing session. On a cellular level  requesting nutrient balance for wellbeing clearing out any Energies  causing illness specifically Epstein-Barr virus 

MP3 135 Earth Enrgy Massage for Allergies

A 30 minute  Earth Energy  full body reboot  Moto Ki session  focusing on allergies,  gallbladder issues, stomach issues, ankle injuries, and thyroid issues 

Mp3 132 Earth Energy Massage for Uterine Pain

This 1 hour and  3 minute Session provides energetic support for pelvic pain, pre-cancerous cells, rebooting the body, clearing uterine pain, GI upset and lower back pain. Supporting replenisning and balancing your energy

Contact Me to purchase MP3s

MP3 141 Earth Energy Massage for Lyme Disease

  Lyme disease sensitivity to mold chronic fatigue energetically  overwhelmed by crowds and pet ear issues. Heal the dog on this one as  well. 

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